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Sittingbourne is a modern day market town, but has very strong links with the sailing barge history in its past, which is still very much in evidence today. In the centre of Sittingbourne you can find a modernised High Street with a number of the main High Street shops. With plenty of parking surrounding the street, shoppers can enjoy a problem free time.


There are a number of restaurants and pubs on the main High Street which welcome youngsters, and there are numerous parks and play areas for the little ones. Sittingbourne has its own market on Fridays in the Forum Square car Park.


The town of Sittingbourne is an urban area that is larger than a village but smaller than a city. Unless Sittingbourne grows to a size where it is elevated to a higher administrative status it is effectively a parish but to differentiate between the two at the turn of the last century towns were granted the right to allow their elected representatives call themselves a "Town Council" and to, from their number, elect a Mayor. Other than that they have the same legal rights and responsibilities as a Parish Council.